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INGLESIDE ASSOCIATES Property Management INGLESIDE ASSOCIATES Residential and Commercial Pr operty Managers and Consultants Let us share with you our management secrets which will bring you the results that you want, but  thought were impossible to get from a Management Company. INGLESIDE is different. INGLESIDE is a superior Management Company that will mak e your needs the  only priority. HOW WOULD YOU RATE YOUR PRESENT MANAGEMENT? If you gave them less than an excellent rating  then check our references and give INGLESIDE a call. WHAT A PROPERTY MANAGE MENT COMPANY SHOULD DO FOR YOU:  handle day to day business (everyday)  solve problems (not make them)  make owners happy (not angry)  save owners money (not cost owners money)  protect owners investment (not ruin it)  give g ood advice (not poor advice) g INGLESIDE ASSOCIATES is a full service, full time, professional, property Management Company. While most management companies are co ncerned with getting bigger, we  measure only one thing  - BEING THE BEST. That means you  get courteou s, knowledgeable, 24 hour a day  service, 7 days a week. Our managers are dedicated to doing the job fa st and right. As active members  of the Community Association Institute and the real estate profession, we keep up to date on the latest  inform ation that Associations need  to know to save time and money. Here is what one 152 unit Association President has to say about having the complete day to day service  that they (Ingleside) are providing. "The financial reports we receive each month are the  most accurate and easy to understand that we  have ever had.  I rely on Ingleside to provide detailed and concise information to guide us in making  responsible decisions for our community.  I work fulltime, enjoy time with my family and no longer feel  overw helmed by serv ing as a volunteer on a board. If you want to be managed by the "the best," then pleas e give INGLESIDE a call and ask  f or Paul or  Mathew DeGennaro. Sincerely, Ingleside Associates ACCESS YOUR COMMUNITY ONLINE PORTAL